A brand that goes BEYOND the buzzwords.

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Purdori began with the inspiration of a motherand successful entrepreneur—to create a line of skincare that would set a new standard for CLEAN, SUSTAINABLE AND EFFICACIOUS.


Skincare is a very trend-sensitive industry, led by online “skinfluencers” who do deep research to expose brands whose promises exceed reality. While words like clean, sustainable and efficacious are thrown around a lot, Purdori came into the space with a genuine breakthrough in plant-based skincare, RO-ICE+ — a base ingredient that combines ice plant, rose water and aloe vera. While most competitors use water as a base, Purdori’s initial line with RO-ICE+ makes their formulations particularly effective without common filler ingredients.

The big challenge here would be to break through the noise, with a startup mindset, and launch this challenger into a crowded field.



In addition to its proprietary ingredient, Purdori’s story centers around the brand’s high standards and values. With the health of people and the planet always at the forefront, the founders committed to going beyond industry standards in supply chain, R&D, sourcing and every other facet of product design and distribution.

But the heart of the brand is its mission and strongly held values. The name “Purdori” means “pure gift,” which speaks to the founder’s heartfelt goal of building a better future for all children.



Starting with the promise, Transcend the expected, we cued to the audience that Purdori would go beyond other brands in every way. In addition to clean, sustainable and efficacious, the brand needed to communicate the clinically proven efficacy of the products and a luxury feel that consumers crave.

With the brand story locked, we created a visual identity system guided by key brand codes — the portal to transcendence, science in harmony with nature, a West Coast state of mind, and a brand pattern inspired by botanical active ingredients.

The color palette balances luxury with nature, along with photography guidelines emphasizing transcendent emotion in people and close-in detail of plant-based ingredients. From there we launched into packaging, website and merchandising for influencers and in-store display — all the parts needed to launch this challenger into the market.

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