Consumer Brands Association

REINVENTING A BRAND that represents some of the world’s biggest brands.


The Grocery Manufacturers Association came to us during a time of major transition. The consumer packaged goods trade organization was in the midst of REDEFINING who they were and what they, and their members, stood for. They’d even brought in new senior leadership to spearhead the effort. Our job was to help them shape and BRING THIS VISION to life.


Reimagining who GMA could be started with a strategic assessment of who they were—gauging awareness and perception of their brand and the CPG industry while understanding their goals and what matters most to their audiences. We knew this new brand would have to credibly embody the values of the companies they represent and compellingly articulate their shared vision to members, legislators, the media and consumers.


Having gone deep into GMA, their audiences and the CPG landscape, we had the foundation to chart a path forward. The first step was crafting a robust brand story, from mission and promise to manifesto and tagline, along with messaging that positioned GMA as the trusted voice of consumer packaged goods and could power the industry well into the future.

With our story locked, we needed a name. We found it in Consumer Brands Association, or CBA, a more broadly encompassing option that captures the unity of members and the organization in a simple, immediately meaningful way.


We had our strategy, our story and our name. Next, it was time to give CBA a visual refresh that would capture all this reimagined brand embodies and move it boldly forward. The logo we created is inspired by the transparency the organization stands for, with overlapping letterforms that nod to the union of CBA, the brands it represents and their audiences. We also developed a bright, modern color palette, imparting an energy and approachability that feel right at home in the CPG landscape.


Our rebrand was enthusiastically received by CBA stakeholders and their affiliates, setting them up for a successful second life.

“We’ve had a great week rolling out the Consumer Brands Association. And, most importantly, it’s been received extremely well. The brand, the logos, the color—all of it has received rave reviews. A big thank you to you and your colleagues for this successful result.”
– Geoff Freeman, President and CEO

“Thank you for all you did to get us here! You gave us a great look, for one, but really made us think critically about who we are and aspire to be.”
– Katie Denis, Senior Director of Industry Narrative

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“The brand, the logos, the color—
all of it has received rave reviews.”

– Geoff Freeman, President & CEO

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