Amazon Baby Registry

Adding NEW DIMENSIONS to a brand born of new additions.


Amazon Baby Registry came to us to help REPOSITION THEM in an ever-growing category. Our job was to mature the brand, ELEVATING TRUST, establishing a fresh, contemporary feel and bringing a greater sense of HUMANITY to this e-commerce landscape.


New parents can be an understandably anxious bunch, especially those prepping for a first baby. So much to do, so much to get and only so much time. That’s why creating an experience that feels welcoming, trustworthy and simple is essential to earn this audience’s trust. And their business.

Amazon Baby Registry understood this, enlisting our help to reimagine a brand that embodies all these characteristics. Over the course of our ongoing engagement, we’ve partnered with them on everything from evolving core positioning to creating campaign assets for seasonal initiatives, all helping guide a new generation of parents through the process.



We kicked things off by immersing ourselves in the category and competitive landscape, finding white space in the thematic overlap between simplicity and approachability. With this strategy to guide us, we dove into creative territories, exploring various ways it could come to life verbally and visually, then aligning with our client partners on an expression that embodies the streamlined, supportive nature of Amazon Baby Registry.

Next, it was time to start fleshing out the brand, one that corresponds to the Amazon parent brand while still feeling distinctive and attuned to our audience. We crafted a mission, promise and characteristics that built on our territory efforts and acted as pillars for the creative work to follow. We established a friendly, reassuring brand voice and employed it across a range of messaging. And we developed a visual identity, including everything from a refreshed color palette and distinctive graphic shapes to photography art direction, that captures the warmth and modernity of the brand.



Having redefined Amazon Baby Registry, we turned to creative executions, introducing our re-envisioned brand to consumers for the first time. We developed or reworked — and have continued to do so — an array of digital and physical assets, striking a balance throughout of brand-elevating presentation and ecommerce-centric function designed to drive consideration and purchase.

Working closely with our client, we’ve designed web pages and emails, created digital campaign components and marketing collateral, helping boost sales and increase engagement. And we’ve brought all our core brand work together in easy-to-use guidelines compiled to elevate the brand and ensure consistency across all future work.

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