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Under Armour C1N

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Performance meets personality.”

Under Armour C1N

Cam Newton’s fearless style and celebrity instincts smash the expected quarterback persona. His story had to capture all the larger-than-life characteristics that make him one of the most fascinating players on and off the field.

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Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him. Firmly on the love side are athletic young men who train hard and live loud, but we seized on the opportunity to expand the UA audience to pop-culture influencers more attracted to Cam’s charisma than his stats.


The new C1N is a pinnacle training shoe, with the bold style to make an impact well beyond the gym. And it was our chance to fully leverage Cam’s sweat-meets-sauce duality, taking him—and UA—to all-new fields of play.

To help consumers tap into Cam’s unique point-of-view, we created stories for three colorways that highlight facets of his inspiration, personality and background. Hometown celebrates Cam’s roots in Atlanta, where he was born and grew up. Chairman leans into the classic side of his style in a uniquely Cam way. And 442 takes inspiration from Cam’s legendary Oldsmobile 442 as an outward expression of his showman personality.


Bringing this story to life was a whole-team effort that covered every aspect of product marketing, with design of assets and a style guide for retail, print, online and social. The visual and copy directions all reinforce the theme of Cam’s dual nature, and the photography we art directed interpret his flamboyant personality and help tell the stories behind the different colorways.

We also delivered a robust social strategy centered around authentic moments between UA and Cam, going beyond product and produced assets with behind-the-scenes content and everyday moments that demonstrate shared beliefs. Linkage across Cam and UA channels leverage each account to amplify the narrative. Building on previous metrics, the social strategy leaned into more candid images rather than produced photography.

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Photo credits: James Michelfelder and Rachel Link