Wing Dome

FANNING the flames of local flavor.

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Wing Dome is a brand built on HEAT, in and out of the kitchen. They boast a loyal base and some of the HOTTEST WINGS on the West Coast, all they needed was a brand story as fiery as their wings and the VISUAL LANGUAGE to bring it to life.


Wing Dome hit the Seattle wing scene in 1994 with a signature wing recipe and a 7-Alarm challenge that made grown men cry. King Dome pride and sports bar roots meant they did wings Pacific Northwest-style—double-fried, slathered in sauce, served with sass.

But in all their dedication to making killer wings, their brand took a back seat. As they looked to the fiery future, they needed a visual identity to appeal to the current crew and the new. They wanted a brand that could expand while staying true to their local roots.


We took a collaborative approach to the kick-off process—collectively brainstorming ideas and inspiration with the Wing Dome team and landing on key brand characteristics. Visiting their current restaurants provided even deeper insights into their visual branding and gave us some firsthand wing experience (don’t call us heroes).

The challenge was how to shape their brand without reinventing it, since it already had a lot of baked-in soul. We set about evolving the existing elements into a unifying story of Wing Dome’s past and their future. Our uniting territory was Feed Your Fire—the perfect platform to speak to the unique heat in tandem with the passion that runs deep.


With Feed Your Fire as the foundation we began building out their brand story, including a manifesto, mission, promise and characteristics. Wing Dome asked us to keep the soul, amplify the local, and add in some of the much-loved sass that patrons knew well, but was missing from the overarching brand. Anchored on their passion for food, flare and people—we built a narrative around their dedication to community and peppered it with plenty of attitude. Leading with lines like: “Eat wings. It’s not like the chickens need them.”

Passion remained our driving element as we developed their visual brand refresh. We refined the flames in their current wordmark, making it easy to break out the W as a simplified icon, expanding their brand identity. To round out their visual language we created a signature font to capture their edge and a streamlined color palette with plenty of firepower.

We had so much fun playing with fire, that we created some sweet swag to add personality and a little flare. Options like branded milk to recover from their signature 7-alarm challenge, fiery kicks, and sassy napkins kicked it up a notch. The complete toolkit gave them a blazing new brand and red-hot start on what comes next.

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