Wines worth SHARING. From GROWERS worth sustaining.

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Chufly is on a relentless quest to discover and import fine wines from the MOST REMOTE WINE-GROWING REGIONS ON THE PLANET. They take great pride in the positive impact their efforts have on the communities they source from. Their challenge–how to build anticipation and motivate purchase for fine wine lovers who don’t readily associate good works (purpose) with good wine (product).


Chufly was founded with a lofty purpose—a commitment to help growers and makers of fine wines in hard-to-reach regions build sustainable futures for their families and communities. Tether identified the strategic intersection of this altruistic quest with the crucial product experience fine wine lovers crave. Then used our findings to craft a creative platform and visual expression that embraced the objectives of both Chufly and its consumers­—a brand story and identity celebrating the singular relationship between place and taste.



Equipped with an authentic, ownable story to share, Tether developed a messaging architecture that fused the unique romance of place with the enticement and distinct experience of taste. Rather than positioning Chufly as an importer bringing wine to the masses, the brand became an adventurous explorer, bringing customers into the uniquely enchanting world of each rare wine discovery. By establishing these powerful emotional connections to origin, Chufly was able to generate curiosity, increase trial, and motivate repeat purchase and product advocacy among connoisseurs of fine wine.



New product unboxing support, event collateral, and an expedition-based approach to naming helped to further deepen customer identification with Chufly’s unique story, product experience, and purpose-driven procurement process. The combined result of Tether’s brand story development and collateral design–an authentic and enduring customer journey that transports wine lovers to origin while simultaneously providing a sustainable future for winemakers and their families—one pour, one bottle, one community at a time.

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