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Bulletproof came to us for a launch campaign for their new ready-to-drink, brain-boosting coffee beverage. We gave them that and—over the course of what became a vital, long-term partnership—A WHOLE LOT MORE.

SIMPLIFYING THE SCIENCE                    

Bulletproof boasts a collection of premium, science-backed products, including their signature coffee drink, packaged coffee, MCT oils and protein supplements and bars. Each is formulated to help people become better versions of themselves, increasing energy, clearing the mind and satisfying cravings. The challenge was to translate their complex science into a compelling, easy-to-understand story that would resonate with current fans, convert new ones and extend across every touchpoint as they moved from being a direct-to-consumer to retail brand.


AMPING UP THE BRAND                          

We started by tackling the brand’s positioning, giving them their vision, values and a mission that emphasized improving customers’ lives in a way that felt approachable and inclusive. We knew we had to harness the power of that ambition in all our work. This first came to life in the digital and out-of-home launch for their new, ready-to-drink coffee. The campaign tagline we developed­—You. Only Better.—was so well received they adopted it as their brand tagline and, in the process, gave us a foundation on which all future efforts could be built.


EXTENDING THE STORY                          

From that initial campaign, we dove deeper into the brand, finding new ways to tell their story and spread the word. We redefined Bulletproof’s product architecture, accounting for their ever-growing list of offerings and updating the accompanying packaging for everything from RTD and packaged coffee to MCT oils and protein supplements and bars. We tapped our industrial design team to create a drip-free cap and bottle for their Brain Octane Oil. And we helped reimagine what their cafés could be, translating the reconceived spirit of the brand into an immersive environmental experience.

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