10. 07. 2022ARTICLE


It was time to treat ourselves
like a true client


The cobbler’s children and their lack of shoes is an overused reference but so handy as a quaint way to say, ‘we’re too busy doing work for other people to focus on ourselves.’ When Tether was founded more than fourteen years ago, a temporary website was hastily created in order to have something to make Tether look legitimate. And, you guessed it, that temporary website became permanent for way too long.

As we work with our clients on revising and updating their brands to better reflect the market and competitive landscape, we got too busy to look inward. Our quickly created identity from almost fifteen years ago served us well and reflected who we were and became. But, as our agency evolved and our offerings became more distinct, we felt a bit uncomfortable slipping into that dated dress or suit of clothes every day.

So we did what we had to do to make it happen. We created a brief for ourselves. We allocated a budget. We gave ourselves a timeline. We laid out the deliverables once we created the new visual identity, website, proposal templates, employee materials, templates, etc. And we even assigned a full team to this internal project; creative director, designers, writers, developers and an account person. Away we went with a flurry of creativity. Did we continue our prioritization of this important endeavor? Well, kind of, sometimes. Yes, client work took precedent at times (well, a lot of the times). But, we kept at it. And it happened. We were self-critical. We tried to be good clients to ourselves. Yes, we did go over budget and it took way longer than we had predicted. But, we have a big smile as we put on this new face to the world every day.

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