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Crafting Brand Video that
Connects Hearts


To live is to feel.

The brands we love most get that. So they invest in building powerful emotional connections with their consumers. And one of the most effective ways to do it? The ‘motion picture’.

Video is the most viscerally charged of all brand storytelling mediums. It inspires and evokes. Prods and provokes. Simplifies the most complex subjects and celebrates the loftiest ideals through a masterful blend of imagery, audio, pacing and tone—all grounded in your unique brand aesthetic.

A focused, concisely edited video engages more of the audience’s senses. It can instantly convey the spirit that drives your brand. Reinforce what you stand for. Showcase the passion and people behind your efforts–the how, why and who of all you do–more powerfully than a block of text ever could.

It can serve as a rousing manifesto—a soulful statement that shares your higher purpose with the world. Provide a more engaging way of relating your origin story. Introduce a powerful rally cry that galvanizes and inspires internal teams across your organization. Or offer your most passionate advocates the narrative they need to tell their friends all about you.

A well-crafted brand video delivers a powerful emotional wallop. One that inspires a passionate reaction. And ignites consumer action.

Providing people watch it.  

How can you make sure that happens? By serving up the ideal ‘chapter’ of your story to the right viewer. At the right moment. In the right channel. With a sensitive, rigorous focus on the kind of empathetic storytelling that shows viewers your brand thinks and believes and feels and acts a lot like they do. That they’re each an essential part of your extended brand family.

The richest brands encompass more than a single plotline. They’re defined by an ongoing succession of relevant, inspiring stories shared across various mediums; an interwoven tapestry of related narratives, each illuminating a distinct aspect of your who, how, what and why. Video storytelling is an integral thread in your story tapestry. Its capacity to deeply engage the senses and touch the hearts of your audience is unrivalled. 

We, as humans, crave encounters that make us feel. A well-considered brand video reminds each of us just what it means to experience this world—our existence—each living moment—in a more immersive way that passes through our eyes, our ears, our senses …and directly into our hearts.  

From the very beginning, Tether’s creative work has utilized video to reflect a relentless pursuit and mastery of effective brand storytelling. We understand that every brand has a tale all its own. And we constantly evaluate how we can best help share the right chapter of that larger story across every consumer touchpoint. Through design. Messaging. Packaging. Collateral. Online engagements. And empathetically conceived, expertly crafted brand video content.

We invite you to sample the personality of these brands through just a few brief examples from our ever-expanding portfolio.

Room to Read — Mission

A visual statement of the difference we’re making.

Jimmy John’s – Manifesto

The guiding principles that inspire our actions.

Tatcha — Founder’s Story

The who, how and why of our unique origins.

Swans Island – Brand Promise

A legacy in the making.

Sold — Rally Cry

Product becomes purpose.

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