10. 31. 2017ARTICLE

How do you make the world a better place? Goats.


Pop-up petting zoo brings goats to Seattle’s Occidental Square to support impoverished international communities.

“Goats for Good” aims to educate people about Tether’s long-term partner WE—an organization dedicated to enabling youth, families and companies to create positive social change—and its sustainable impact on both a domestic and global scale. Spearheaded as an initiative by Tether to support WE’s international charity (WE Charity), the project kicks off with a goat petting zoo on Thursday, Nov. 2 in Occidental Square from 12-2 p.m. to educate what economic opportunities goats offer and raise donations to supply these animals to poverty-stricken villages.

“One reason for choosing goats specifically for this project was for their versatility,” explains Stanley Hainsworth, Tether’s founder and chief creative officer. Goats can survive in difficult conditions, don’t require a particular diet and can produce up to 16 cups of milk a day to be used for nutrition or as source of income. They can also breed and grow into a herd, even furthering potential sustainable economic opportunities.

Another important aspect for this project was providing a tangible demonstration for the impact donations would provide. Every $50 raised contributes to one dairy goat to help a family and their community unlock a lifetime of opportunities.

“At Tether, we love being involved in both our local and global community. In conceiving the ‘Goats for Good’ project we found a way to do both,” continues Hainsworth. “Tether has been honored to work with WE for over five years to help empower youth domestically through programs such as WE Day while simultaneously empowering international village projects through its other initiatives, including WE Charity.”

In addition to the petting zoo, people can visit GoatsForGood.org to donate money or purchase promotional items, with all proceeds going directly to WE Charity.

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