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WE Brand Partnership

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Building a brand to create change.”

WE Brand Partnership

WE is a global community. A movement dedicated to creating a tidal wave of good by empowering all people to change the world. It is an international development program, educational partner and social enterprise. But before it was WE, it was hard to tell that each element of this world-impacting movement were members of the same family.

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WE has grown tremendously since it began as a small organization called Free the Children. And with that growth came many new organizations, each with its own identity, messaging and purpose. This was frequently confusing for people within the nascent organization, and even more confusing to their audiences. We have helped them simplify under one identity—WE with two organizations. 1. WE, for non-profit work. 2. ME to WE, for socially conscious commerce.


One of the challenges of branding such a diverse organization is allowing flexibility while maintaining consistency. We tell each component’s visual story using a sliding scale of expression. Some items (business cards) remain very conservative, while others (global broadcasts) have room to be more expressive.


ME to WE is the future of doing good. Where everyday choices and purchases tell a story of impact, empowerment and change.
Targeted primarily at millennial women, the visual language of ME to WE products is closer to the more conservative end of our scale of expression, yet still allows room to incorporate more youthful and on-trend graphical elements.

We designed the new Me to WE rafiki bracelet packaging to have an elevated yet organic style, being careful to keep things clean and simple so that shoppers can easily recognize the product as being part of the WE Movement. In terms of copy, we incorporated storytelling within our design to keep every element focused on the positive impact each purchase has on the world.

Luxe rafiki packaging is similarly designed, with each package telling the unique story of the artisan who created that piece and how your purchase empowers her. In stores, rafikis are placed on simple, natural displays that reflect the sustainability-focused nature of the brand.

The visual expression is able to span the product offerings, from the soft, expressive look of rafikis, or the bold, color block style of ME to WE chocolate.


WE Schools is another powerful branch of the WE movement. Schools that opt in to the WE Schools program receive curriculum and activities designed to help youth learn how they can change the world for the better and rewards for participation. As this is a youth program, we implemented more hand-drawn graphics and an increased visual energy level.

Activity posters that are placed in schools allow an opportunity to be more visually expressive and venture slightly outside the standard look of WE Movement communication.

The WE brand book outlines all components of the two WE organizations—WE and Me to WE. We designed each component’s section to reflect the level of visual design it should receive in outward-facing communication based on our sliding scale of expression.

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