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“Defining a brand that’s redefining performance.”


“More moments of greatness” is a lofty promise. But in Vima, we knew we had a chance to help build a brand with the same limitless potential that their strobe eyewear offers users.

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Opportunity doesn’t always knock. Sometimes it blinks. Instinct Performance (soon to be renamed Vima) came to us looking for a logo and video to help launch their new game-changing strobe eyewear. They had a great product and big ambitions, but they needed a story—and strategy—big enough to guide their first few years. Big enough to encompass more than just eyewear.


Successful brands start with a solid game plan. For Vima, this meant defining a vision of who they are, who they’re talking to and what the future could hold. Partnering closely with their founders, we launched into an in-depth discovery phase, tapping those insights to identify known and potential audiences, examine challenges and opportunities in this growing market and lay the groundwork for the branding and creative to follow.

But this initial strategic work was more than just a foundation to build on—it was a launchpad designed to both spur ambitions and illuminate a roadmap for short- and long-term success.


With our strategic platform in place, we crafted a brand story that set Vima apart from competitors, going beyond technical features into more aspirational human territory. We extended this story into naming for both the brand (Vima) and their flagship product (Rev) as well as a visual identity spanning everything from logo to photo guidelines.

We also flexed our industrial design muscles, making additions to the prototypes that not only improved functionality but helped differentiate SKUs. Finally, we got digital, creating a complementary app, which added another dimension to the Vima training experience, and building out a rich site detailing the benefits of and science behind the eyewear—and paying off the brand mission of redefining the limits of human performance.

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