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Under Armour Curry 4

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“Adding new dimensions
to an MVP’s game.”

Under Armour Curry 4

Stephen Curry is one of the best-known players in basketball today. Our task was to unlock some of the untold chapters of his story. And sell some shoes.

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Timing is everything. As we kicked off the product marketing campaign for Curry’s newest signature sneaker, his Warriors were coming off another championship season—a title run in which he first sported the Curry 4, to more positive reviews than any previous model. We needed to capitalize on this momentum and go deep into the heart of an All-Star unwilling to rest on his laurels.


Everybody knows Steph’s story. Or at least they think they do. Short (by NBA standards), skinny kid comes out of a lesser-known college to quickly light up the league, breaking records and changing the way the game is played. But by 2017, that narrative was worn out.

Our challenge was to create a campaign that built off what people already knew about Curry while introducing new facets to inspire the faithful and pull in new fans. We found that hook when Steph, even after two MVPs and championship seasons, described his hunger to keep getting better, to constantly be chasing something more.


Our campaign, developed in collaboration with Curry and the UA team, put the idea of MORE at center court—more fire, more smile, more rings, more game. We wanted to elevate the varied sides of Steph’s passion, from fierce competitor to cutup, as well as the results of his success.

The assets we created spanned in-store, digital and social applications, with a library of photos art directed alongside Under Armour’s in-house photo crew. And it all informed later work, ranging from events to advertising, while taking Steph’s and UA’s stories to all-new courts of play.


Men’s shoe sold out at in the first few hours.

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