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Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear

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Active wear, after hours

Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear

Under Armour had a category-breaker on their hands. A piece of wearable technology transcending age, gender, sport and theories of traditional merchandizing. It was up to Tether to help Under Armour change the active wear game. Again.

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Building a strong sleep ethic

Together with champion footballer Tom Brady, Under Armour developed a luxuriously soft fabric that helps soothe sore muscles and bring on zzz’s. Perfect for sleepwear. Perfect for establishing the brand as a leader in rest and recovery.

Not your QB’S PJ’S

When Under Armour came to Tether, they had a successful launch under their belt. Feedback was five-star, but the audience was limited. To succeed, we had to move beyond an innovative technology and high-profile spokesperson.

We had to change the way athletes think about sleep.

No longer eight hours of downtime. But an active part of performance. Not a lazy way to spend a Sunday. But a vital part of every athlete’s routine. It was a story that everyone, including Tom Brady, could get behind.

Wake up & go to market

Pajamas in the training aisle? It was a novel concept. One in need of some credible backing. So we brought the words of real athletes and bonafide pajama wearers to the forefront.

Killer customer reviews. Fresh and candid photography. Peer reviewed research papers. We featured the written and visual storytelling shoppers have come to expect from flagship products online.

Then we took it one step farther, reaching editors at major magazines with an unexpected delivery. An introduction to Under Armour’s stance on sleep, plus a pair of Athlete Recovery Sleepwear for them to try—and ultimately recommend on their holiday gift lists.

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Photo credits: James Michelfelder and Rachel Link