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The Mark Real Estate Branding

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“A skyscraper with a story to tell.”

The Mark Real Estate Branding

Developer Kevin Daniels came to us with a story and a dream—the tale of one of Seattle’s oldest churches and the vision of adding an iconic skyscraper to our horizon. So, we came up with a singular vision for the property and set about bringing it to life.

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When Daniels Real Estate tapped us to brand their commercial skyscraper in downtown Seattle, we knew we had to create a story as multifaceted as the tower itself.

Our story needed to pay homage to the 100-year-old church next door (saved from demolition by the developer) and tout the ultra-hip SLS Seattle hotel inside. On top of that, we had to grab the attention of brokers—a sought-after audience accustomed to being wowed with incredible stories and lavished with over-the-top gifts.


When it came to building something new, we realized the importance of leveraging the past. Seattle owes its growth and vitality to a long history of hardworking people striving to make their contribution to the world. We translated that verve into a brand story and encouraged a broad audience to add their own chapter.

With a story this expansive, it was clear we needed to do something big. Something to invigorate public discussion and grab brokers’ attention.


Adding an icon to the skyline meant making an impact right from the start. We renamed the property The Mark as a dedication to all those who were—and are—thirsty to make their mark on the world. With a new name, came a new visual identity: one that nodded to the neighboring church’s history and embraced the new status as premier destination.

From there, we set out to create marketing experiences for the new brand, including a website and support for events and on-site activations. Then, we created an augmented reality app to give brokers and prospective tenants the chance to experience the building (and its breathtaking views) before construction was complete. Everything was used to position The Mark as the epicenter of new life and community in Midtown Seattle.

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