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The Butcher’s Table

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“Elevating dining to culinary theater.

The Butcher’s Table

Sugar Mountain came to us with an ambitious concept—and a meaty creative challenge. They were reimagining what a premium steakhouse could be, with innovations in everything from customer service and technology to menu and overall experience. And they wanted the result to become a local institution.

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A New Generation Steakhouse

Located near Amazon’s headquarters in South Lake Union, The Butcher’s Table needed to draw on a young, casual, tech savvy crowd while still appealing to more established, traditional, high-end steakhouse diners. To that end, Sugar Mountain owner and chef Kurt Dammier sought a deeper creative concept that could reward and engage insiders and loyalists, while tantilizing others to learn more.

Creating a Total Culinary Experience

We created a story and identity rich enough to encompass all facets of the endeavor, including a raw bar, retail butcher’s shop, lounge, and casual and fine dining. For inspiration we created a backstory around a secret society rich in tradition and symbolism. The literal story wouldn’t be consumer-facing, but elements weaved themselves into executions to create a feeling of deep history and meaning.

The visual language balances an elevated but accessible tone—timeless but unmistakably contemporary. The result positions The Butcher’s Table as something bigger and more immersive than a restaurant—a total culinary experience.

Crafting an Identity

The visual identity for The Butcher’s Table had to be iconic, extendable and reflect the restaurant’s multifaceted nature. The solution checked all three boxes, representing the table around which we gather to dine, connect and share our passion for food. The bold type—inspired by wood block printing—introduces an element of craft to the timeless-but-contemporary feel.

Extending the Identity

Our visual identity needed to come to life across a range of touchpoints, from signage and menus to shopping bags and stemware. To ensure consistency, we created a monogram that worked as a subtle branding element throughout the restaurant and its various materials.

Telling a Deeper Story

We helped Butcher’s Table make its first introduction to the outside world with an interim website which provided general information, worked as a recruiting tool and offered a first look into the deeper lore.

We continued to tease out this lore via elements like custom cuff links, which hinted at the secret society whose full story would never be revealed.


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