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Tatcha Packaging

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“Translating the essence of traditional Japan into thoroughly MODERN SKINCARE PACKAGING.”

Tatcha Packaging

WHAT WOULD A GEISHA GETTING OUT OF A TAXICAB IN NYC LOOK LIKE AS PACKAGING? Our challenge was to translate the essence of ancient Japan into the modern world through packaging forms, colors, elements, textures and the ultimate user experience.

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Authenticity and Outreach

Tatcha launched with just a single product—authentic Japanese aburatorigami facial beauty papers. This simple packaging captured the essence of the ‘ancient meets modern’ aesthetic of the brand. With that running start it was only a few years before Tatcha became one of the fastest growing prestige beauty brands in the world.

From Japan, with Love

From that first package design, Tether has been there every step of the way to ensure Tatcha’s brand remains true to its historic roots in geisha culture, combined with modern elements. As we continued to design the forms and graphic language of the ongoing packaging, we were inspired by authentic Japanese elements mixed with modern elements and color. Through a wide variety of touchpoints, we’ve perfected a brand expression that bridges the gap between ancient and modern, wisdom and science, product and consumer.

A Beautifully Evolving Story

Now with multiple collections, Tether has woven together Tatcha’s artful package design with a digital array—banner ads, eblasts, social assets, blog entries and retail site—to inspire a devoted customer base and impressive marketshare in the field of luxury skincare. As Tatcha has evolved, so has our opportunity to tell their unique story.


Having helped birthed this special brand, it’s been a pleasure to see Tatcha blossom into one of the world’s hottest beauty brands.

  • Three year growth rate 10,996%
  • INC’s 2015 ranking of 21st fastest growing US company
  • Fastest growing business in San Francisco
  • 2nd fastest growing female-led business in the US
  • 2014 revenue $12 million
  • Exceeded 2014 consumer social responsibility goal by 680%
  • Fastest growing global prestige beauty brand

“Tether has been an absolute partner in creating and growing Tatcha from an idea to a dynamic, growing brand that is loved by so many.” – Vicky Tsai, Tatcha Founder

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