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PepsiCo Internal EVP Activation

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“Bringing global excitement to an employment brand

PepsiCo Internal EVP Activation

There’s a certain kind of trailblazer who’s a perfect fit for PepsiCo—they just don’t know it yet. An umbrella of 22 billion-dollar brands always attracts talent, but they wanted to laser-focus on the right talent with a new employment brand that captures PepsiCo’s fast-paced, pop-culture-shifting approach to business.

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Focus on the future

PepsiCo has so much heritage that it’s easy to overlook how truly innovative the company is. With global tech giants wooing more of the international talent pool, PepsiCo wanted a reinvigorated employment brand that looks forward rather than back, gets current employees reinvested and affirms the company’s place in the minds of prospective candidates who want a rewarding career.

Where business meets culture

Armed with fresh insights, we started by identifying where PepsiCo’s culture authentically overlaps with the values today’s candidates seek in a career, and then translated that into an inspiring employment narrative.

The narrative distilled a few key ideas that define life at PepsiCo—it’s unique place at the intersection of business and pop culture, the entrepreneurial mindset of its culture, and the career opportunities that come from having the reach and influence of a global icon. Additional testing showed this narrative made candidates 20% more likely to consider PepsiCo as a first-choice employer.

Turning the spotlight

Using the narrative as our launchpad, we developed a robust brand guide, including messaging and visual look and feel, and then created a campaign to build excitement both with current employees and prospective ones.

Two anchor headlines captured the key messages. What makes you unique, makes us better introduces the idea that every associate’s personal experiences and point of view help PepsiCo succeed; and Your talent, our stage speaks to how PepsiCo uniquely provides opportunities to bring employee ideas to life on a global platform.

The campaign highlighted the stories of various individuals and teams around the world and how they brought the PepsiCo EVP to life—from creating revolutionary packaging innovations, to bringing sustainable farming initiatives to small farmers across India.

These stories were told by the associates themselves—in a video sizzle reel, social assets, collateral, in-house print and digital banners, and longer profiles on PepsiCo’s internal network. A gamified social engagement website we created encouraged employees to share how they contribute to PepsiCo’s success. The public also got its first taste of the new brand through a refreshed career site, career fair exhibits and campus recruiting materials. Our holistic employee campaign reinvigorated current employees and put a spotlight on the incredible global opportunities that come with working at PepsiCo.

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