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Nike Community Stores

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A global brand gets a local spin.”

Nike Community Stores

For the launch of their latest retail concept, the Nike Factory Store team needed localized branding to celebrate each of their new Community Stores in Brooklyn, Washington, D.C., East Los Angeles, Tuscaloosa, South Chicago and New Orleans.

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Nike Community Stores empower a healthy local community through the unifying power of sport. Centered in diverse urban areas with distinct cultures, customs and passions, every store serves as a unique micro-community and gathering place for its residents.


Our strategy to ensure every store was infused with local culture? Hit the streets. We combed the neighborhood for relevant insights and inspiration, forming close partnerships with community leaders and organizations. What followed were authentic, community-relevant stories. And because these were Nike stores, each story was filtered through the lens of sport.


Through naming and custom typography, each store received its own unique identity. We unified visuals and messaging, weaving local DNA into every detail to capture the community’s heart and soul.


To bring concepts to life in a retail environment, we went all out. Narrowing in on the most potent consumer touchpoints, we created exterior and interior design, in-store graphics and dimensional displays, window graphics, cash wraps, art and product installations.

Wild postings, billboards, subway turnstiles and building takeovers worked together to announce the opening of each Nike Community Store on the ground. Grand-opening events connected the local community to their new stores with a mix of neighborhood music, food, notable figures and, of course, a collection of hyper-local Nike swag.


Based on the explosion of social posts with each store’s grand opening and the overwhelming outpouring of community pride, the Nike Community Stores quickly became well-loved, adopted members of the community.

When asked what they called the new Nike East Los store, a local resident replied, “I call it home.”

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