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Mod Pizza Re-Branding

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Fresh-baked creative for superfast pizza.”

Mod Pizza Re-Branding

MOD Pizza is a brand built on nonconformity, but to prepare for expansion they needed to translate this individualistic ideal into something unified yet still unique. A flexible look that could be reinterpreted and applied across many locations.

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MOD isn’t just about made-on-demand pizza. MOD is about people. Their potential, their self-expression and what they’ll do next. The company channels this unabashedly individualistic ethos in everything they do, from design-your-own menus to a passionately un-corporate employee culture. That’s why, when it came to branding, we needed to make sure it felt like a series of unique restaurants, not a chain of cookie-cutter sameness.


To articulate their values and purpose, we started with a brand story. Something to share with all employees that served as a community-building manifesto, a call to flour-dusted arms.
Next, we modified the original badge logo—maintaining core equities while establishing an authentic, mature, modern look. The new badge represents more than a restaurant. It’s a symbol for all that MOD offers its team of employees. Namely, opportunity, commitment and potential for growth. This new visual identity opened up a broad system of application options and gave each location the option to customize the mark to express their own unique personality.


MOD offers an unconventional take on pizza and we knew our work needed to do the same. We helped them evolve their brand-of-outsiders ahead of a large West Coast expansion, giving them a kit-of-parts to create a series of restaurants instead of a cookie-cutter chain.
Through an engaging brand story, assorted swag and a website that pays special attention to each local store, we developed a flexible branding system that felt true to MOD’s thriving, customize-everything culture.


The new logo system leverages visual equity from the original badge and evolves into more iconic territory. Each store however, gets its own variation, staying true to MOD’s “come as you are” mentality.

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