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Microsoft Brand Partnership

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ALWAYS a new story to tell.”

Microsoft Brand Partnership

Over nearly a decade of partnership, we’ve seen the Microsoft mission evolve from simplicity to complexity and back again. An evolution that’s kept us busy—rallying thought leaders, instigating dangerous ideas and reframing stories for consumers and employment candidates alike.

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Microsoft is a company everyone thinks they know. Which makes it a bit challenging to get the real story out. Good thing we like a challenge.

Since 2008, we’ve adapted the counter-narrative to microsites and digital long-form stories, retail spaces, tradeshow experiences, innovative product concepts, strategic manifestos and dynamic videos.


Like all great stories, the first chapter begins at home: inside the walls of Microsoft where the genesis of today’s major trends can be traced back to a few thought leaders willing to take risks. Tether helped articulate their vision companywide and then watched as the ideas spread.

In 2014, we saw a new crop of opportunities emerge for Microsoft. Under the then-new CEO, Satya Nadella, the ideas we helped nurture took on new life. We saw mobile-first, cloud-first technology expand radically—and the radical spirit at Microsoft reborn.

When it was time to take the stories public—with digital properties devoted to innovation labs, design rebels and more—Tether once again brought pen and pixel to the table. This time for an external audience of curious consumers. We partnered with brand content engine Microsoft Story Labs, exploring the most groundbreaking work through interactive experiences and immersive microsites.

The next challenge? Recruiting a new generation of makers and doers, builders and boundary breakers, to a company that touches billions of lives every day.


For any enterprise to sustain momentum, they have to recruit and retain top talent with a vengeance. Or at least, a promise. Not to mention strategic messaging and tactics rooted in company culture and values.

To tell this story, once again Microsoft turned to us. We brought the renewed strength of the consumer brand to Microsoft’s first-ever employment brand, building a foundation that would serve them for years to come.

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