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Gatorade Sidelines

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“Creating gear as strong as the athletes themselves.”

Gatorade Sidelines

What started as a redesign of Gatorade’s classic orange 10-gallon cooler turned into a succession of redesigns for the entire sidelines system across multiple sports. To tackle a project this big, our team took the sidelines center field.

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Gatorade sideline products should be like the athletes that use them—tough, dependable and made to endure. From the sidelines cart to the squeeze bottle spout, all equipment must meet Gatorade’s rigorous standards of purpose-driven design: maintain brand appearance and 3D equities, deliver sports nutrition, and provide authentic athlete service.


We started off with redesigning the cornerstone of Gatorade sidelines equipment—the 10-gallon contour cooler (affectionately known as the dunk cooler). In keeping with the brand’s standards of design, we knew it needed to perform tirelessly day in and day out. We also needed to balance functionality and style, keeping the mind—and needs—of athletes at the top of our list.


We pushed the design of the cooler, opting for an athletic shape (broad shoulders, narrow waist) while leveraging the equity of the historic rib geometry. After its successful launch at Super Bowl XLIV, Gatorade asked us to redesign all other sideline equipment along this same vision. We set out applying this dynamic, durable look to NFL nutrition carts, ice chests, bottle troughs and more. What followed is a system of tough, portable and instantly recognizable Gatorade products. These rugged new forms feature easy-grab handles and extra-thick insulation for high-performing gear that looks just as good.

Our designs heralded a new era for Gatorade equipment. Where previously they would use existing coolers and caddies—co-opting existing Rubbermaid products with their own brand insignia—they now have a custom line of high-quality products that leverage brand equity and strengthen the Gatorade brand across new touchpoints.


Our update on the classic 10-gallon cooler led to re-envisioning­ all sidelines products across multiple sports, but our work doesn’t stop there. We continue to partner with Gatorade, updating their products to ensure that every piece of gear is designed with the athlete in mind.

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