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Bulletproof Coffee

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“The foolproof way to feel great.”

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof transformed their wildly popular coffee recipe—you know, the one with the butter—into a ready-to-drink cold-brew option. Same ultra-potent properties, now with less blender-ing. To get people buzzing, we created an integrated campaign that introduced the brand and product to NYC, LA, Chicago and social-media users nationwide.

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Since the new cold brew would be sold in Whole Foods Markets and on, we knew who we needed to go after. The elusive Affluent Whole Foods Shopper. Sure, biohackers and fitness buffs had been making Bulletproof Coffee for years, but our target audience needed an introduction to the product and the brand itself. So, our campaign needed to do two things: introduce the new product, and boost awareness of the brand.

Our holistic health enthusiasts are savvy when it comes to mind and body wellness. But they also think in shortcuts like, “good fat = avocado” and “gut health = kombucha.” In a space crowded with ready-to-drink and cold-brew competitors, they needed something simple to hold onto. And at the end of the day, they’re all after one thing: becoming the best version of themselves. And thus, our key insight was born.


Keeping things simple and memorable isn’t easy when you’ve got a product that boasts a complex balance of toxin-free beans, grass-fed butter and Bulletproof’s patented Brain Octane® Oil. So instead of getting into the nitty gritty right off the bat, we stuck with high level messaging that was easy for consumers to recall: Bulletproof fuels your mind and body so you feel like you. Only better.


The campaign capitalized on our audience’s quest for self-improvement. But we didn’t want to go too far. Wildly aspirational scenes just didn’t jive with the Bulletproof brand, which is all about finding ways to maximize human potential through realistic means like eating right and exercising. We stayed away from Kardashian-like miracle claims, turning up the dial on reality just enough to turn heads.

Through video and still photography, we depicted scenes of people feeling like their resplendent best. Whether blissed out in a hot tub, or singing like the fourth member of Boyz II Men, our heroes were feeling invincible thanks to Bulletproof Cold-Brew Coffee.

Our digital radio spots aimed to give this tip-top feeling to listeners themselves. Structured like a targeted pep talk, our bouncy scripts got in and out fast—leaving listeners more emboldened and energized than they were pre-listen.

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