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BMW Motorrad

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“Brand love, full throttle.”

BMW Motorrad

An insatiable need. It’s the soul of a rider. But when BMW Motorrad came to us they hadn’t connected that need to their riders. As riders, we knew where to find it.

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BMW Motorrad approached us to help define the ‘brand club’ that you would join when buying a BMW motorcycle. Harley, Ducati and others have a distinct image in consumer’s minds but BMW’s was indistinct.

So, we started with a strategy, and then design tenants, that centered around ‘Feed Your Restless’ and created compelling, shareable stories for all consumer touchpoints.

Along with four national spots designed to drive traffic at the head of the buying season, we brought this “Feed Your Restless” campaign vibrantly to life with full-color spreads, a robust social campaign and POP-laden dealer kits. The brand work was used widely in the States, Europe, Australia and Asia and has helped drive increased sales and a new awareness of the BMW Motorrad ‘brand club.’


  • Doubled BMW Motor’s Market Share over two-year period
  • Over 250 million impressions
  • 20% Higher recall of creative elements over expected target
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