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Awake Branding

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“Three Canadians and an owl awaken the caffeination industry.”

Awake Branding

To bring delicious to the world of caffeinating–that was the dream of three Canadian CPG vets. Our mission was to take that idea and build it into a full-fledged brand.

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Performance meets Delicious

AWAKE began with chocolate and caffeine combined perfectly into bar form–providing functional benefit and serving as a tasty treat. Instead of having a treat and a coffee, consumers could now have both at the same time. Inspired by that realization, we designated AWAKE as the perfect champion of getting the most out of life for a world of do-it-all go-getters and multi-tasking snackers.

Bringing the Brand Promise to Life

From there, we dove in head first by creating a brand story, the driving force behind all the ways the brand comes to life. And with it, we transformed AWAKE from a functional proposition and a technical-looking energy bar into a brand in motion–constantly engaging customers where they are, looking for new ways to add fun, intrigue and of course, caffeine to their daily routine.

Engagement Across Mediums

Leading the charge is Nevil the Owl, AWAKE’s official spokesperson and expert on staying awake. A multi-channel epic ensued, bringing to life the story of the brand and Nevil’s message across story, packaging, POP displays, T-shirts, website, video and a full-throttle social media push. Good news! More products are in the works.

An Energetic Response

The world’s response continues to grow too, with positive press and a loyal social media following. AWAKE even earned an appearance on Dragon’s Den–Canada’s answer to Shark Tank–sparking a bidding war and peaking celebrity investor interests. AWAKE’s other accomplishments range from Best New Consumer Brand to one of the top three chocolate bars in most college campuses across North America. The world was clearly waiting for this experience.

  • 233% growth in distribution 2013
  • Now available in 20,000 stores and college campuses across Canada and the United States
  • Sold up to 2.5X more than any other bar on college campuses
  • #1 selling chocolate bar on college campuses across North America
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