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“How to transform a brand people buy from to a brand people buy into.”


ANTA is the best selling sports and fitness brand in China. But they are popular in part because they are at the second-tier price point. ANTA came to Tether to help them become a desired brand and to create the missing emotional connection with the brand.

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With competitors owning the highest-paid athletes, and selling at premium pricepoints, we looked at positioning ANTA as a brand for those that love to move. Those that know the joy of movement goes beyond rules, boundaries and definitions.


After an extensive analysis of the China marketplace, including focus groups and visits to several Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. We set out to redefine sports and the field of play. Something more than just winning, but about the simplicity and the every-person-on-the-planet right to move.


We codified the joy of movement in a brand book and style guide that brought emotion to the brand as well as guidelines of how to bring the brand to life. Redefining the brand elements we created sport-centric graphic patterns and brought to life the art direction through a photo shoot that was centered on the China origins but would be globally relevant.


We activated the new brand look of the joy of movement through all the consumer touchpoints including business cards, retail stores, shoppers, packaging and advertising.

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