When Gail asked me to be a part of his Squatch Watch team, I was reluctant. After all, what did I know about hunting—and Sasquatch nonetheless. The biggest thing I’d ever hunted for were my socks. But I agreed because I’d never met anyone who believed in something with such passion and disgust before. Plus, he had really cool jumpsuits.

Aside from my knowledge of Seven-Thousand Series Aluminum Tubing, I think it was my naivety that saved me in the end. I didn’t believe that these creatures actually exist; I just wanted to build an awesome car and drive it really fast. Had I known what we were getting into—that I would be staring into the eyes of this giant beast before catapulting down a ramp after him—I would’ve stayed in the shop.

Alas, we caught only a glimpse of the elusive creature this time, but valuable lessons endure.

He’ll be back. And the hunt, it continues.

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