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Tether your iPhone

Have you ever been stuck in an airport, hotel room, coffee shop, or on the road with no Internet? Frustrated paying $9.95 for 30 minutes of internet service? Resorting to your iPhone but wished you could use your laptop?

Tether is here to provide a solution to all those worries!

Tether is an application that allows your PC to take advantage of your iPhone's data plan, allowing you to access the Internet on your laptop anywhere there is cellular coverage from your iPhone.

Tether is easy to install, easy to use, works practically anywhere, and is cost effective.

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Internet Anywhere
You can use Tether anywhere you have cellular coverage.
Easy Setup
Download our software to your iPhone and another for your laptop. Then surf the web and email just like you would with any Internet connection.
Fast Speeds
Download speeds that are unbelievably fast.
No Tethering Fees
Tether uses your phone's data plan and we do not charge tethering fees. *
All iPhones
Tether is compatible with all iPhones.
All Carriers
Tether has been used on carriers all over the world.
Windows & Mac Compatible
Tether is compatible on Windows and Mac.

What Are People Saying About Tether?

Hundreds of thousands of users around the world are using Tether to use the web anywhere. Here's what some of them had to say about our product:

It is amazing! I was able to browse the web beautifully on my laptop in an area with no WiFi or hard wired network. I was even able to upload an important presentation to my work server. Awesome program!
- Neville M.

Tether is here to take away some of those pains and they have been working hard to ensure all is working well with their application... It was dead simple to use!

I saw a speed of 1403 kb/s up and 584 KB/s down while testing the app this morning which is totally acceptable by my standards. Google Chrome loaded the pages fast and it worked great. This is seriously the easiest solution available.

Pricing & Money-Back Guarantee

Tether is being sold for a yearly fee of $30, a small price considering that you can access the internet anywhere, anytime.

We guarantee that if you hate being without internet, or are frustrated of ridiculous fees for internet service, that Tether is your solution. Eventually becoming an application that you cannot go without. We are so certain that you'll be satisfied with our product that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied within 30 days just ask us for a refund, no questions asked.

Get started with Tether today and start using the Internet wherever life takes you! Click on the 'Order Now' button below, to get started.

*Please refer to our Terms of Service.

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Tether.com is no longer accepting new orders.

Existing accounts will be active until July 31st, 2016.

Tether.com is no longer accepting new orders.

Existing accounts will be active until July 31st, 2016.