A Gift from the Geisha

TATCHA is a jewel of a project, one devoted to unearthing natural beauty secrets of Japan. For centuries, the geisha’s flawless complexion remained an alluring mystery—until Tether began partnering with TATCHA’S founder to rediscover their timeless practices. The journey began with gold-flaked aburatorigami blotting papers and now includes skincare collections that marry ancient wisdom with proprietary science.

Together, Tether and TATCHA continue to weave the tales of the geisha’s ritual, perfected for modern beauty.

TATCHA.com, home to timeless beauty and exquisite skin.
  • Brand Inspiration

    The Green Book

    The key to the geisha’s hidden world of beauty, this sacred 200-year-old manuscript was rediscovered by TATCHA and is now the foundation of its science.

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