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Red Bull Media House

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“Helping a Content king reach new heights.”

Red Bull Media House

The reigning king of branded content, Red Bull Media House, relies on global production partners to drive messages home. So when they tapped us to assist, we went above, beyond and around the world to get things done.

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Before Adrenaline Comes Preparation

Tether is handed the keys to the castle when it comes to producing Red Bull adventures. We’re given free rein to develop and tell these gutsy stories, collaborating with Media House producers to drill down on the most compelling content. Then, we set out. Joining the athletes to document their challenges and successes as they complete death-defying stunts all over the world. Once home, safe in our full post-production studio, we tailor each piece along Red Bull’s tight specifications and bring these tales to award-winning life.

Miles Above

If your friend told you to jump off a bridge, would you?  If your friend was Miles Daisher you might. With well over 4,000 BASE jumps under his belt, Miles has jumped off more things than any other human. He’s a member of the Red Bull Air Force, a collection of perpetual thrill seekers that operate at the highest skill levels in aerial sports. Our charge? Bring this enigmatic band of adrenaline addicts to the web in the form of 10 long-form episodes.


The brainchild of Red Bull Air Force member Luke Aikens, Red Bull Aces was the first ever four-cross, aerial slalom course for wing suiting. And we were there from the first drawings to the crowning of the sport’s first champion. In the mortally perilous world of proximity flying (close to the ground), Red Bull was looking for a safer way for athletes to compete. This three-part webisode series documents the development of a sporting event and, ultimately, a better way to fly.

Skate Space

With the intention of making a lasting impact on the local skateboarding community, Torey Pudwill and artist C.J. Rench collaborated on a project combining two of Seattle’s passions: art and skateboarding. Alongside fellow Red Bull skateboarders Ryan Sheckler, Felipe Gustavo, Ryan Decenzo, Alex Midler and Joey Brezenski, Seattle’s first skatable art piece was unveiled at Jefferson Park on International Go Skateboarding Day. We joined the very first meeting and followed the process all the way to the last ollie.

America’s Cup

In this six-part web series, we went behind the scenes with the teams competing at the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco. This documentary-style production focuses on the teams, boat designs, training regimens and more, setting the stage for one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.


No Second Place: Inside the Americas Cup

  • 13 American Advertising Awards
  • 496,566 YouTube views

Miles Above: The Red Bull Air Force (Season 1)

  • 2 American Advertising Awards
  • 2015 Webby Award Nominee
  • 687,991 website views
  • 688,406 YouTube views
  • 2,874,988 minutes watched

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