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Luvo Advertising

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“Healthy food brand seeks LTR with interested consumers.”

Luvo Advertising

Despite the odds against them, an innovative healthy frozen food brand wins the hearts of skeptical consumers with a head-turning awareness campaign.

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Convenience without compromises

Packed with nutritious ingredients, a surprisingly fresh taste thanks to innovative packaging technology, and legit gourmet recipes, the brand needed a campaign that upends what consumers expect from a frozen food brand.

Geared towards younger professionals who are perpetually on the go, the key takeaway had to be that Luvo’s offering was a healthy and delicious choice, despite entrenched consumer opinions to the contrary.

Start a healthy relationship with food

Most people have good intentions. Most people also make compromises when time is tight. Luvo’s goal is to help people make choices they feel better about. Instead of feeling guilty when you cave in and buy a frozen pizza, or pick up an unhealthy take out lunch during work, Luvo invites you to start a healthy relationship with food.

Engineering a double-take

Getting attention and changing entrenched consumer opinions about the category meant coming up with a campaign that first and foremost made people think, “This is not what I expect from a frozen food brand.”

We came up with a flirty-fun campaign that came to life through in-store displays, print media and three slow-jam radio spots. The campaign theme translated well into additional content for the client, who kept it up through social media and blog posts covering grocery store pick-up lines.

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