A New Way of Seeing, from the Ground Up

After a decade of growth, the Bainbridge Island-based outdoor educators set out to evolve perception from being a school in the woods into a globally recognized leader in experiential learning. Embracing the organization’s mission of providing opportunities to see things in a new way, Tether began by crafting a universally relatable brand story rooted in science, stewardship, self-awareness, community and the natural world. The path continued with a new logo, one that leverages a hand-drawn aesthetic to connect the dots to self-discovery.

The new identity went on to inform a complete redesign of the organization’s 70-plus page website. And, to meet kids where they play and help them realize the value of exploring nature, Tether also partnered with IslandWood (along with Nature Play Western Australia) to create a mobile app. 

  • ‘New Eyes’

    Brand Reveal Video

‘New Eyes’

Brand Reveal Video

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