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IMAG!NE Snacks Branding

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Fueling the little snack brand that can.”

IMAG!NE Snacks Branding

Master snack-makers, IMAG!NE, came to us with a snappy name, two innovative products and a calling to create better snacks for busy families. Tether poured the creative sauce on top, serving up a scrumptious brand both kids and parents would love.

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Parents today are looking for healthier snack options that are tasty, too. At the same time, kids are becoming more brand savvy than ever. So the makers behind IMAG!NE decided to switch things up in the snack aisle, offering choices that are both good fun and good for you. Inspired by clever culinary transformations, like turning yogurt into crispy crackers and trail mix into bite-size nuggets, Tether developed a brand that reflects kids’ creativity while conveying the wholesome convenience parents look for.


With an urgent need for packaging concepts, IMAG!NE threw down the proverbial gauntlet. They asked us to bring their motto, “Fueling creativity,” to life while cueing premium and wholesome in a crowded grocery aisle. So we turned to a natural outlet for imagination: the margins of a notebook, where you get more than a passing glimpse into the mind of a child. Our approach combined hand-drawn typography and graphic elements in a flexible system of colors, messages and illustrations playing up the spirit of the brand. Together they tell a wholesome, organic story to parents as well as kids—capturing their attention and holding it even after the snacks have been devoured.


With a proven packaging direction in hand, we developed brand guidelines, POS materials, website and social media assets, trade show experiences and more—all designed to inspire trust in parents and imagination in kids. Bright colors, hand-drawn artwork and imaginative yet relatable lifestyle photography come together with proven health claims to reach both audiences with equal gusto.


  • Launched in two U.S. markets just six months after kickoff
  • Rolling out nationally with even more products in 2018
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