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Gatorade Bottle Design

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Redefining an iconic form.”

Gatorade Bottle Design

The classic Gatorade bottle had run its course. An unfriendly form, wrinkle-prone label and non-athletic silhouette all added up to lost market share—and a prime opportunity to reimagine this iconic shape.

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Our challenge was to redesign the bottle while still hewing closely to key functional elements like thick-walls and a domed top. We also needed to take into account shelving sizes and that ever-critical grip.


Through research and collaboration with the Gatorade team, we knew our redesign had to hit on a few essential improvements. The loose product label collected condensation, dripping water on courts and locker-room floors, the wide mouth made for easy spills and the oversize body was hard to grip with one hand.

We approached this redesign with three key elements in mind: 1. Create an athletic stance with broad shoulders and narrow waist. 2. Incorporate the Gatorade bolt both aesthetically and functionally. 3. And take full advantage of the iconic orange cap. Ultimately creating a form that is both ownable and unmistakably Gatorade.


To highlight both the hydration formula and user-friendly flavor cues, we turned the bottle’s bolt into a transparent window. Then we grounded the shape within a more energetic, athletic silhouette—tapered at the waist but still topped with its emblematic dome.

A shrink-sleeve label and narrower opening streamlined the drinking experience and created an iconic form that traveled seamlessly from the fridge to playing field. An added bonus? The smaller drinking spout reduced plastic, lowering the bottle’s environmental impact and overall cost.


Despite debuting across only five markets—with a soft launch and no marketing—the new bottle resulted in substantially increased buy rates. This encouraged Gatorade to accelerate the rollout from a three-year to one-year plan, quenching athletes’ thirst nationwide much sooner than expected.

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Video courtesy of Gatorade partner Kaicon