By: Bo Gilliland, Senior Writer

Ever notice how voices on the radio have a certain sameness? Honey-toned tonsils. Soothing and well enunciated, with just a hint of a smile behind the words. It’s all very professional, and that’s the problem.

Great actors, on the other hand, sound natural—like someone you might know. They make the material come to life, pushing it as far as it will go without going too far.

That’s what we were looking for when casting voices for a series of radio spots we produced for Luvo’s Get Fresh in the Freezer Aisle campaign (listen below). The campaign injects much-needed levity into frozen food marketing with a flirty tone and well-timed double entendres. Since the copy’s already over the top, too much camp from the actors would’ve killed it.

We’re pleased as punch with the crew we found. Aside from that elusive, real-person quality of their voices, they also knew how to keep it fun and funny without being corny. They had us cracking up in the control booth without ever making us groan.

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. Now go try the food, it’s delicious.

“Get Fresh” Radio Spot

“Totally Wholesome” Radio Spot

“Freezer Aisle” Radio Spot

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