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TetherBerry rebrands as Tether! Now Available at BlackBerry's AppWorld

Tether announced today that its landmark application, which allows laptop-users
high-speed, affordable Internet access via their smartphones, is now available at BlackBerry® App World.

The announcement comes as the company, founded in March 2009 as TetherBerry, changes its main product brand name to reflect its intention to expand into new market segments, including Windows Mobile, iPhone and Android.

“More than 60,000 customers in 114 countries use Tether to connect their laptops to their smartphones, ensuring a fast and affordable tethering option anywhere they have cellphone coverage,” said Tim Burke, Tether’s Director of Development. “Now that we’re available at AppWorld, it will be easier than ever for BlackBerry users to access our service.”

As well as recently releasing a simpler user interface, Tether has now begun beta testing its Android version and has launched a new version of Tether that uses USB and Bluetooth.

TetherBerry was launched in March, 2009, as a means of allowing people fast, affordable Internet access almost anywhere by letting them work on their laptop via their BlackBerry’s data plan. Within days, the product was selling around the world, drawing praise from such tech blogs as the New York Times’ Gadgetwise and CrackBerry.

Tether. Great Idea

I waited, and waited and refused to connect my land line back up just to have internet service.

Finally, It happen with Tether. No land lines, no land line phone bill.

I get just about everything I need right here with Thether. Now just need to figure out how to use Netflex with it. LOL

I'll wait for that great idea next.

Just purchased tether for my son, so he would leave my phone alone.


Thanks buddy!

Thanks buddy!


I am looking at purchasing Tether if it will allow me to use with the bluetooth on my PS3 to access the internet. Can you tell me
if it is possible? Thanks


Tether currently does not

Tether currently does not support PS3.
We are looking into the possibility of adding this functionality to Tether in the future.

You can join our mailing list to be notified about this and all other Tether related news by visiting http://tether.com and entering your email address at the bottom of the page. You can unsubscribe to the mailing list at any time and we do not give your personal information out to anyone.


It's really a nice app for BB but i want to know that i my BB has OS 5 i think and i want to use mobistealth spy software to monitor activities on cell phone. How i can force this to use the internet through my laptop by using tether ?

Tether allows you to connect

Tether allows you to connect your PC / MAC to connect to Internet using the data plan on your BB.

Further there should not be issue in access to internet by any program on your. As any program can use the phone internet. However you can seek more assistance from "mobistealth spy software" support.


I used the trial version and then tried to buy a licence, Filled int he online order form, with my CREDIT CARD and I haven't received any email or licence key and I can't get any response from support so far. I am very frustrated with the ordering. Can't find a phone number to call anyone and I think my card is giong to be charged twice for it and I can't get someone to call me to stop it.

P.S. Trial version worked great though.....too bad ordering is such a hassle. I am in an I.T. Department and hoped to deploy to all our Blackberries......

Please open support ticket

Please open support ticket at

Connect OK but unable to brouse, browser will not open

Dear Tether,

I singed up for a trial account, downloaded the software on bioth devices and made connecting perfectly.

But the web page will not open, error message states, unable to find the server,chech firewall sttings or contact network provider. As a result I am unable to brouse or surf the internet using your service.

Kindly say what might be the problem and how to rectify same.

my connection speed is saying 100 mb or something to that effect.

I also have think that for the price one has to pay for the software, there should be a live customer service line or a much personal response to customer's concerns.


Please upgrade to recent

Please upgrade to recent version.

For recent version link request please open new ticket

registration code

when I started using Tether I had to put in my phone pin. i Have a new phone and now it tells me to put in the registration code that was sent to my old phone!!!
Pray, tell how am I supposed to get a registration code off a phone that is long gone. I did not write it down any where. Why isn't it on the order form?
Am I going to have to buy the program again? I refuse to. I still have my receipt. Isn't there a human anywhere??
Does anybody respond to these comments?????

Tether licenses can be

Tether licenses can be transferred between common smartphones (e.g. BlackBerry to BlackBerry or Android to Android).
To do so you need to:
1. Login to your account on our website
2. Download the Tether application to your new smartphone
3. Launch the app on your new phone
4. Under the menu button, click on "Register"
5. Enter the registration code from your account (found on our website when you login) into your new smartphone
6. Your new smartphone will be registered, and your old smartphone will be de-registered

win i payed for tether i put

win i payed for tether i put in wrong email in what do i do

Please open support ticket

Please open support ticket providing details of wrong as well as correct email.


Start off congrat's to all.
I to would like to use my blackberry as a modem
I downloaded the trial version to my phone never signed up
Or used it do to my lack of knowledge of instruyction. Now after research
I've learned the process I have to follow in order to take advantge of this trial
Order of my tether. Now I've run into a problem of aquiring
A rtegistration code for my tethering app on my phone before
Time expires on my trial of tethering on my laptop.
Please help me figure this out. I deleted the tether application
On my phone, then downloaded it again and no luck. Still can't aquire
A registation code for my tether app.


Thanks Louie! To find your

Thanks Louie!

To find your registration code, please provide your email address at the following link


Please make sure that you are using the email used while ordering tether.

happy bday

Bring it don't sing it! U rock


Thanks Chrispie!

Thanks Chrispie!

Works sooooo welll

seamless interface that does all that its supposed to do!! my laptop is browsing via Tether, slightly slower than my home wifi network. I could not be more happy!!!

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Tether.com is no longer accepting new orders.

Existing accounts will be active until July 31st, 2016.

Tether.com is no longer accepting new orders.

Existing accounts will be active until July 31st, 2016.