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One of the biggest reasons I like Tether.com is it helped my cut communication costs for my daughter. I was paying $60 a month for a wireless card on her laptop and Tether.com not only took the place of the wireless card, thus saving me money but the download speeds were much better.

Tether.com also provides me with an outstanding connection whether I'm on the road or at the office and since it's a part of my Blackberry it's with me everywhere I go.

And finally it works as advertised. So many programs make promises but sadly only a few really deliver and Tether.com has definitely delivered. Thanks Tether.com!!!

- Paul R.

I was part of the Tether.com beta and I have to say it worked wonderfully. I am starting my own IT consulting business and Tether.com came in real handy when troubleshooting a client whose internet is down. It worked perfectly everytime I needed it. Paying for an aircard is currently out of the question since I am just starting my business and Verizon's monthly charge for tethering is also out of the question. Tether.com's one time charge works for me, the small business owner.

- Don A.

Tether.com has allowed me to travel anywhere, and not have to worry about WIFI hotspots, or if I will be able to get the info I need on the go!

With the new mac beta, i've gone as far as being at a friends place, and having my mac act as a wifi hotspot, so 2 of us could connect and browse at the same time!

Having an unlimited data plan, and this product, really means portability, and ease, when browsing on the go.

All in all, this is a great product, and everyone should try it out!

- Nick

Thankful for the Mac beta as it saved me at church 2 weeks ago. I needed some pics for a skit we were doing in children's church, tethered, got what I needed and all worked out great! Thanks Tether.com!

- Dan W.

Have used Tether.com on a friend's device - it is amazing. I was able to browse the web beautifully on my laptop in an area with no WiFi or hard wired network. I was even able to upload an important presentation to my work server. Awesome program!

- Neville M.

With Tether.com I don't need to fiddle around looking around or even paying for junkie wifi... I just run Tether.com and go! It helps me while I'm on the train and allowing me to get a lot of work done.

- Dan T.

Tether.com has helped me out a lot. I beta tested it earlier this year at a time when Internet access at my school was really sketchy. It allowed me to use my BlackBerry to gain access to all the important tools online I needed for class.

- Kreg

My small business puts me in some very remote areas of my state. I am faxed work orders from my customers via the internet. I could use Tether.com to lower my gas expenses, because I have to go back home to retrieve my work orders every day. With Tether.com, I could just stay out until I finish with my work.

- Kurt W.

Try it and be amazed. Tether.com is awesome! I like TB because its works! Plug my BlackBerry in and is seconds up and running. Can't get any easier.

- Randy

No longer do you have to look for that open wi-fi access point or find a local library when traveling. Email on my laptop is a breeze!

- Douglas M.

Tether.com does exactly what it is supposed to do. It flawlessly connects me to the internet using my BB Storm. I used on vacation and always had access. Awesome app!

- Jonathon Y.

I have been using Tether.com since it hit the market and love it! I am in sales and on the road quite a bit. I often have to stop and get instant access to enter orders, fax and communicate with my office computer. I had mobile broadband service and with Tether.com was able to cancel the service. It works every bit as well as the broadband modem and I couldn't be happier!

- Matt W.

Great product when you are waiting at the airport. I have always resisted products like Boingo because of the cost for a couple of hours. Tether.com's one time fee is the perfect solution for the business traveler.

- Patrick R.

Often I'm on the road, and need to get quick access to the MLS. With Tether.com, I don't need to subscribe to a separate expenseive wireless plan for a quick look into MLS. Just last week, as I was touring, we came across a home we hadn't planned on seeing. I logged into MLS, discerned it was available, read the private comments indicating it wasn't a short sale, showed the property and was in contract by Tuesday.

- Sunil S.

Finding Tether.com has been awesome. Being able to tether my phone to my laptop anywhere I can get a cellular signal is great. I don't have to rely any longer on stopping at a coffee shop to be able to get online, I can even get on the internet in the car when traveling.

- Mike P.

Tether.com was highly recommended to me as a reliable means of getting connected to the web practically anywhere. The Windows version is great and a Mac version is currently being beta tested.

- Yves H.

I think it's an amazing product!! Extremely useful! Please keep up the good work.

- Peter H.

I was able to use my storm and laptop so I could login to the intenet 24/7 to watch my stock and log to my security camera at my stores.

Really it saved for me lot of time so, now I can stay with my kids at home and spend a quality time.

- Amgad

Hello, I would just like to say that this is probably the most efficient program that I have ever used to do this. I have recommended it to about 3 friends and they are completely satisfied with it aswell. Tethering your blackberry has never been so easy!

Tether.com helps me because im a very busy person during the spring and summer
months always traveling and internet isnt always available to me. This is why I chose Tether.com. It's a fast, free, effective way to get online quick and easy.

- Chad R.

Tether.com has simplified my mobile life. I dont need to worry about connecting to a wifi access point and pulling out my credit card for expensive internet access. I can do it right from my own car or in a coffee shop for free. Its a small price to pay for such a large advantage. Best of all you can control your data usage with the Tether.com desktop application. Monitor it to ensure you aren't going over the limit. Its the perfect application for mobile browsers who enjoy surfing on the go. Just have an unlimited data plan and you're all set. Easy to set up.

- Sats S.

I used this application when it was in Beta and it was GREAT! I loved it and have since tried to get my company to switch to this over the Verizon wireless cards that employees are currently using. To me, it seems like a straightforward decision when all employees with the wireless adapters also have Blackberry's. As an on-call employee supporting over 1500 hospitals, I know that this is something that I would use everyday.

- Michael W.

As a mobile user, I sometimes find myself at places between home, work, and a coffee shop that has WiFi. Keeping a full-time tethering plan is too expensive for occasional access. Tether.com is the perfect solution for someone who wants occasional tethering, but doesn't want the cost and hassle of setting up full time tethering.

- Mike T.

As a business traveler, I can't function without TB. It is truly a lifesaver and keeps me connected when I need to send files from my laptop back and forth to my home office, which can be at times on opposite ends of the world.
Thanks TB!!! keep up the good work!

- William B.

I recently went on a business trip which put me through Atlanta airport. While I was there, I would of had to pay $7 an hour to access the internet..... I already had Tether.com and my BB needed a quick charge anyways, so a double win there. I think the program is an amazing solution to the overpriced solutions offered from the service providers. Great product!!

- Travis B.

Sometimes being on the blackberry slows you down. I am a fast typer so having the ability to connect online from my notebook computer is essential from a speed perspective and ultimate completing the task to its fullest capabilities. My documents are all stored on my laptop so the convienence of being able to get online with my laptop helps significantly. Not to mention the fact of not having to worry or care about finding a hot spot, pay for internet service at some hotels, having no wireless signal at all, etc. Overall I like the idea of being able to connect and go with out the additional fees!

- Michael O.

Tether.com works great! I've ditched my AirCard, saving $60 per month as a result of using Tether.com -- and I get FASTER speeds that I did on my AirCard!
Anytime I find myself needing to jump on my laptop, I don't have to worry about locating a Wi-Fi hotspot, I just use my BlackBerry Bold and Tether.com. At a $50 one-time fee it is a huge value. I also appreciate the fact that I don't have to change my browser's LAN settings to another proxy when I need to tether my laptop (unlike a certain competitor). Tether.com worked straight-away as soon as I downloaded the software.

- Jason B.

I love Tether.com! I hang with a group of friends that tend to be gadjetless - they always rely on me to let get them all the info they neee. Whether it is a current game score or who is Verne Gagne - or any silly trivia, I can access it all and have the answers at the speed of light. Thanks Tether.com!

- Debbie H.

Smooth as silk! As promised, no connection limits, no tethering fees, no proxy settings, up to DSL speeds and works with almost every internet based piece of software without modification, unreal!

I have gotten speeds as high as 1,500 kbps, amazing!

I would sell this product to my mother, its that easy... Just get it, you'll love it!

- Abe H.

I want to start off by saying Tether.com is one of the greatest apps to come out for the BlackBerrys. It has given me the opportunity to have internet connection anywhere on my macbook wherever I get cellphone reception. I provide 24/7 Tech support for a web design firm and most times I'd rather carry my macbook around and not my pc and tethering via Bluetooth was slow and drained my battery but with the creation of Tether.com for the mac, I don't have that issue anymore. It's easy to setup and use when I need to get on the web while I'm on the road. I would like to see Tether.com add a function that calculates the amount of data you are using while connected to the app.

Overall I love this app and customer service is A++. Anyone with a BlackBerry and a laptop needs to get Tether.com!

- Mark D.

My job takes me into my clients personal homes on a daily basis and I can't bank on a hot spot to connect, either they're spotty or non-existent. I need a reliable method of connecting to the internet without paying outrageous monthly charges. Tether.com is the solution.

- Donald B.

I have been a proud Tether.com user for a few months now. I love the freedom of being able to access the internet where ever I go with just my laptop and my Blackberry. The connection is great, operates quickly, and keeps me working anywhere I go. For the price this is an amazing value, and one any dedicated business professional should not be without.

- Michael C.

I used Tether.com at LAX airport on my business associate laptop, we were rushing to New York for a very important business trip and could not get a flight out after 7pm so Tether.com came in very handy when we got stuck at the airport with no wifi available, Tether.com turned out to be a life saver, we were able to log on to Delta Airlines and do what the counter agent could not, so Thank You Tetherbery

- Gee M.

Tether.com has been a lifesaving application, no longer am I forced to use my wireless company's internet. Tether.com gives me access to what I already pay for. I am so happy that I found this application, and I can't imagine what I would do without it.

I LOVE Tether.com!!!

- Timothy M.

Tether.com allows us to bring a laptop to outdoor art shows so we can hook it to the internet to accept and verify creditcards immediately. Couldn't live without it.

We also travel in our motorhome and Tether.com is invaluable for times when we have no wifi access. Its helped us access the internet while out on the road with the motorhome when it was having problems. We logon, go to an RV site and search the forums for others with the same problem. Without this access, we would be spending unknown amounts of $$$'s for unneeded repair fees.

- Ruth C.

I participated in the Tether.com beta testing and was amazed at how well it worked. I have since tested out PDAnet as well and can honestly say that it didn't compare. The biggest difference was in the speed of the connection. Tether.com provided a much more consistent connection and the speed was fantastic for browsing and light downloads.

- Mike T.

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Tether.com is no longer accepting new orders.

Existing accounts will be active until July 31st, 2016.

Tether.com is no longer accepting new orders.

Existing accounts will be active until July 31st, 2016.