What’s in a name? For Don and Ryan Clark, the brothers behind creative studio Invisible Creature, a name is a mission, a philosophy, a raison d’être. Ryan and Don picked the name Invisible Creature to evoke the idea of a creative catalyst working behind a curtain—a company whose mission is to help give a voice to others, whose presence is necessary but unrecognizable. No small task for only two people, this simple idea is truly one of the defining characteristics of their work. To look at Invisible Creature’s portfolio is to see a breadth of work that is as prolific as it is varied, hopping gracefully between different styles and media, grounded firmly in a passion for ideas and a desire to help clients discover their tone of voice instead of imposing their own.

On Wednesday, Don and Ryan stopped by Tether to share with us the many facets of their lives and work. One minute, we were shown an album cover for the band Bleeding Truth where, by way of photomontage, each member of the band is shown gored, butchered and bloody—gruesome to the point that Don felt the need to apologize to anyone who was eating. The next, an irresistibly charming collaboration with Uncle Goose Toys—a set of “Stack and Scare” children’s blocks that are whimsical, adorable even, and impossible not to smile at. Invisible Creature’s portfolio is motley in the best way possible. But as impressive as the work itself is, behind it lies an even more profound idea—that the kind of person you are is more important than the work that you do. Ryan and Don took us on a deep dive into their work and process. But what made the biggest impact, beyond any poster or project, was their desire to be better artists simply by being better people.

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