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iPhone for Windows Download

These instructions will explain how to get Tether onto your Windows system. All you need to do is follow the instructions below. For Mac users, click here.

Please note: Tether for iPhone does not have a free trial, at the moment.


  1. Download Tether onto your Windows computer by clicking the following link: http://downloads.tether.com/TetherWeb-

  2. Once the download is complete, go through the install process.

  3. Run Tether on your computer. Enter a name for the SSID of the ad-hoc network that will be created. You may enter a password for the network or leave it blank for an open network.

  4. If you are using Windows XP and are currently connected to a Wi-Fi network, you should manually disconnect from it.

  5. On your iOS mobile device click the Settings icon and then click Wi-Fi. Select the tether.com:SSIDNAME network and enter the WEP key if you created the network with one.

    Note: If you are using Windows XP, the iPhone may disconnect from the ad-hoc network shortly after connecting to it and connect to a preferred Wi-Fi network instead if one is nearby. You should connect to the ad-hoc network again if this happens.

  6. Open the safari browser on your iOS mobile device and visit http://tether.com/web. If you have an account, login and follow the on screen instructions. The webpage should then establish a connection between the iOS mobile device and your PC.

  7. Once the Server Status and the Computer Status show that they are connected your PC should now be online!

If you're happy with Tether and want to purchase simply visit the following website: http://tether.com/iphone/order

If you're having problems and not interested in our product, we would appreciate your feedback: http://tether.com/support

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Tether.com is no longer accepting new orders.

Existing accounts will be active until July 31st, 2016.

Tether.com is no longer accepting new orders.

Existing accounts will be active until July 31st, 2016.