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iPhone 5 and windows XP

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I cannot get tether to work despite following the manual. My computer says "network cable unplugged" next to the Tether Network Connection, and I do not see the adhoc tether network as an option to choose on my iPhone. My phone is connected to the laptop via the lightning USB cable. Can you please advise? Thank you.

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Hello Michael,
Please refer this complete response for download link, installation instruction & common issues.
Please ensure that you have the recent version.

1:On your iPhone go to the Settings icon.
Scroll down and click on Safari.
Make sure "Accept Cookies" is not set as Never.
Javascript is ON.
Private Browsing is OFF.
2:Could you install the following version of Tether Web on your PC: Please Un-install the existing installation.


Please make sure you are logged in as administrator. For windows vista & 7 Please Right click the above setup file & chose "Run as administrator"

Please refer step by step guide at

Please follow the manual provided below:

Common issue you might have(firewall is most common one):
1:Make sure WiFI is On on your laptop
2:Firewall is on "always allow" mode, if you are using third party.make sure allows following file
TCP 6354 Inbound
UDP 67 Inbound
Turn off your firewall"
Please go to system preferences->select security and privacy->select firewall tab and turn it off"
3:and for Windows XP please follow the first three steps of the following:

If you have Onavo Extend installed on your iPhone please uninstall it as it may prevent tether from working.

Let me know if this helps.

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Tether.com is no longer accepting new orders.

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