As the story goes, Queen Victoria turned to an attendant after the schooner “America” beat a fleet of English rivals and inquired about the runner-up.

“Your majesty,” the attendant replied, “there is no second place.”

A hundred and sixty years later, that uncompromising attitude still rules the America’s Cup.

Red Bull Media House and Tether teamed up to capture the intense preparations behind the most competitive and technologically mind-blowing event in sailing. In six episodes, viewers will get an insider’s view on the teams, boat designs, training regimens, rules, strategy and teamwork behind this epic challenge.

From the shore, the air, and on the water, we’re capturing a day-to-day view of these space-age boats and the elite sailors who crew them. It’s the closest you can get to the action without getting salty wet.

1: Racing to Win
2: Training to Win
3: The Cutting Edge
4: Learning to Fly
5: Racing the Riotus Bay
6: Defending the Cup

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