The designer’s journey :

Turning ideas into inspired designs

Great design makes you think. It expands your brain in new directions and lets you see the world as a richer, deeper and more wondrous place to live. It tells a story that rings true. That’s because there’s a pure concept behind great design. Without a strong concept, design becomes nothing more than an exercise in arranging elements within the parameters of a given format. It may be eye-catching, but never enduring. Void of the inspiration that makes design transcendent, the viewer is left intellectually disengaged and emotionally indifferent.

Purity of concept gives design the power to lift everything, and everyone, it touches.

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  • Author: Stanley Hainsworth, Tether Founder & CCO
  • Design: Tether
  • Publisher: Rockport
  • The Spark

    You're struck by a notion. Arrested by an idea. Is this some passing fancy? Or is it rich enough, profound enough, true enough to endure? At this point, you really can't see where this spark is leading you or just how you'll get there. You just know it isn't going to go away without a fight.

  • The Struggle

    Your idea begins to make demands of your time. It whispers incessantly as you try to sleep and pokes you constantly during your waking hours. Inspiration becomes irritation; what once looked so enticing, so full of promise, is starting to feel more like a life sentence. You balk. You sidestep. You sow seeds of doubt inside your own cranium. You even try to elope with other ideas. But you keep coming back, a victim of that original moment of creative wonder.

  • The Work

    Your mind waves its white flag, capitulating to the task at hand as your idea evolves into a full-fledged investigation. All rocks are overturned, all angles explored. You no longer seek escape, you’re now hellbent to discover that ideal juxtaposition that will grace your idea with a vibrant, compelling life of its own.

  • The Resolution

    You push through until all the elements engage, seamlessly, naturally, as if they’d been ordained to, somehow, someday, coalesce into one perfect, idealized whole. Your idea has been wrestled and trans- formed—through your creative struggle—into a beautiful finish that supersedes even the promise of that initial spark.

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