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Has anyone been charged by Verizon for going over 5GB?

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I did the 7 day free trial and love how fast it is so I bought it because I don't have high speed internet access at work...I was just wondering if I should limit how much I use it even though it uses the current unlimited data plan that I have.

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You should limit your usage... If you don't you may be subject to some hefty fees.

Patrick Hankinson
Community Manager

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i contacted Verizon in regards to this same question. i was told no, they wouldnt. i explain that it was a 3rd party app i was going to use and the answer was still no. from my understanding it falls under the "unlimited data" catagory. hope this helps.

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I also contacted my local verizon store and they said that the internet plan thru the blackberry is unlimited and there will be no additional charges.

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why do you people keep doing this!!! STOP calling verizon!!! if you people had any brains you would have known that in your user agreement it tells you you are not allowed to use third party apps for tethering. why would verizon risk loosing all the revnue they generate from their tethering fees for their service. if you want answers go to the forums where they answered your question in length! and FYI there is a 5 gig cap even though they state its "unlimited". calling verizon will only make them aware of this flaw and cause them to rewrite their software to deny access to this great app!! GEEZ


if your afraid of going over 5 gigs go ahead and get a service provider, and stop being cheap. this software is designed for limited to moderate use, not heavy use. its made to suppliment the users current connection not replace it!!!

fin :)

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I am with you, who in their right mind would call Verizon for help with a violation of their TOS. Some people have absolutely no common sense.

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Im glad other people share my concern. Its like the guy who asked how to hook up his Xbox to tetherberry to play online...
This is not software that is designed to be used 24/7...
if you want that, call Cricket, and get a USB air card...

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I go over 5GB's a month all the time. Never had a problem.

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Please help. I am not able to download the program on my laptop.

I got widows vista. I do have desktop manager version 4.6. I am afraid to upgrade the desktop manager to the 5.0 version because it just gives me problems.

Every time I try to download the tether berry program to my laptop when I goto the exe setup it tells me the webpage is down. I have it installed in my blackberry just fine. I did register my pin number with tether berry so what is the problem. I am stuck. no way to get it on my laptop. any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Download our setup.exe from:

Run the installer and please let us know specifically what errors you run into or what TetherBerry says once it's running on your PC.

Patrick Hankinson
Community Manager

John Owsley
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I would like to acquire the TetherBerry for my Curve, but am concerned that Verizon will detect this third party App and penalize me. Has anyone experienced a problem with Verizon for using TetherBerry?

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lol As a rep that works for verizon, lol we won't catch u....haha.

We don't monitor your usage at all, if its going through the BIS data plan u have, u have absolutely NO worries. haha.

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These are my friends and family experiances:

1. Charged for ANY data when ROAMING. ROAMING = BIG BILL

2. 3G speeds get throttled down to about half 3G speed until next bill cycle starts on TMO, Sprint, and Verizon (maybe ATT) after the data "CAP" (anywhere from 1 to 10 GB) but no extra charges. I’ve done Skype Video, itunes movies, audio books, and stats datasets - all heavy data users in a month and gotten close to Sprints 5GB limit, went over once but the speed was still acceptable for general email, even a Skype voice call. Just don’t roam and you should be fine, read your fine print to be sure. ***No brain cells were harmed in the writing of the post***

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People do amaze me. As others have said you do not call Verizon and ask there opinion on this software or what will will happen if you go over there usage if using this software. Some people just don't have common sense. Try to keep it in your 5 gig cap. If you have the ridicules urge to ask Verizon about going over your 5 gig cap say you are using a high data usage application like Slacker or Pandora radio that they offer in there own app store, use your head!

For the people wanting to Run the Xbox and PS3. It may work but it will be laggy and you will go over the 5 GIG cap quickly. Xbox and PS3 gaming online use a lot of bandwidth.

This is an app I like to use when I am stuck in the airport or stuck without WiFI don't mistake it for a new ISP!

Rick P

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I didn't think there was a cap on the blackberry data plan?...

I thought there was only a 5GB cap on their tethering plan?...

But do agree...I don't think its a good idea to be calling vzw asking if its ok to use this software...

I think its a great software and do use it as my main source to the internet...

But...I don't do much surfing or downloading...I checked my usage and I was around 800MB for this month...

This is my first month with vzw and my first month using TB...so I guess we'll see...

I would really like to hear if anyone has been "charged" for using TB?...or vzw cutting them off...

I have done ALOT of research on multiable forums and have yet to find hard proof of anyone having any repercussions using TB...if there are could someone show them to me please?...

There is so much here say on this and that its crazy...

Everything from...don't listen to a vzw rep...they don't know anything...ect...I would really like to see and hear some real truth to all of this...

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You all need to lean how to use the search on here. This topic has been beaten to death!!!! I have shown bills with 10gb+ of usage and not one red cent charged. I have tested 3mo, running pandora 24x7 and tube (HQ). All 3mo with 10gb+. I have called, given copies of TOS and there is nothing in it that's says you can't use 3rd party apps. You who say negative, get a clue! This is all I use, I vpn into corporate and log into servers all over the world, email, chat, corporate applications etc etc. Works well for me!!! Why would I pay $30 more per month for an ISP that I can't take ANYWHERE?

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Not to argue with you davidimm...

I use and love tether...

But found this in VZW's TOS...

Would love to hear your comments on this...

Unlimited Smartphone and BlackBerry Plans and
These Wireless Email plans and features cannot be
used: (1) for access to the Internet, intranets or other
data networks except as the device ’s native
applications and capabilities permit, unless you
subscribe to Mobile Broadband Connect; or (2) for
any applications that tether your device to laptops or
personal computers other than for use of the
Wireless Sync or the BlackBerry solution, unless you
subscribe to Mobile Broadband Connect.

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went over 9 gigs watching movies on laptop wasnt charged by vzw. just get the unlimited and ur okay. they will probobly change this in next blackberry update though i would imagine.


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Verizon's "unlimited" actually has a 5gb cap.Don't abuse that cap, too many months in a row. From what I have learned is that they warn you first then they kick you if you abuse it again.

Erwin D
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Thank you for sharing this information. Verizon is discussing a matter with Google. Net neutrality is when content can’t become favored. Net neutrality is a thing that needs to end for big companies to be successful more. The price will raise for users of the internet while Google and Verizon work together to give out Internet content quicker. Those for net neutrality hope that Google and Verizon could be stopped by the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC has no power over what happens with net neutrality after the Comcast decision from last April stating the FCC has no authority over internet issues.

Here is the proof: Google-Verizon deal marks beginning of the end for net neutrality

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