A game’s score may be determined on the field, but it’s the sidelines that fuel the action. Coaches, trainers and athletes at the pro and college levels know this like they know their X’s and O’s. So does our team of clutch industrial designers, who, in collaboration with Gatorade Brand Design, sought insights from these key players all along the way as they took Gatorade’s new roster of sidelines equipment from concept sketches to crunch time.

Now in use by all major sports leagues in the U.S. and around the world, these high-performance systems provide vital in-game hydration and nutrition for athletes, as well as high-profile exposure for the brand. The latest addition, the large sideline cart, made its debut at Seattle’s season opener at CenturyLink Field—and will be center stage at this year’s title game in Glendale.

Because of this prime-time visibility, each system element, from travel carts to the iconic 10-gallon dunk cooler, emphasizes signature visual equities like the heroic G, athletic contour and trademark orange hue. And since helping fuel performance is Gatorade’s reason for being, functionality was paramount—ensuring that both athletes and the brand continue to succeed at the highest levels, on the biggest stages.