Our neighborhood, Pioneer Square, is known for a lot of things: beautiful historic buildings, famous sandwich shops—and less brag-worthy­­—a dense population of homeless people. While most folks go day-to-day without seeing these less fortunate human beings, we see them struggling and surviving every day.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re counting our blessings and pooling our resources to help out our neighbors in need. We adopted two families through the YWCA’s Adopt-a-Family Program to provide children with toys, clothes and other necessities. And since folks who are “sleeping rough” have a tough time taking care of basics that we take for granted, we’re donating goods to the Union Gospel Mission’s Men’s Shelter, a place where men can find a place to sleep, get a shower, shave, or stock up on clean socks and other supplies.

If you have a little to spare and want to get in on the giving, the YWCA and the Union Gospel Mission are good places to start. Happy holidays!

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