Imagine: turkey without gravy, pie without ice cream, a meal without friends. In a way, it’s like Christmas without Santa Claus. Because everything is better together–egg and nog, bread and butter, people and food.

Our friends at New Seasons Market asked us to create an integrated Holiday campaign for their 2015 program that makes their stores top-of-mind as the place to buy everything for your Holiday feast. In this lighthearted campaign, we celebrate the coming together of food, family, and friends by showcasing an array of seasonal food combinations that both surprise and delight.


For New Seasons, it was crucial that the food be the focus of the campaign. For us this meant collaborating with local partners like photographer, Jim Golden, and his team to help bring our vision to life (and make mouths water all over the city).




From out-of-home-bus shelters to in-store graphics, we created visuals that are smart and approachable, playful and food forward. Now go reserve your bird!