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Bluetooth speeds

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What kind of speeds are people seeing over bluetooth tethering. I am looking at getting tether with my new Blackberry Torch 9810 and want to know what kinds of speeds to expect.

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We have a lot of customers who use Bluetooth for Tether who enjoy the speeds they are receiving.

Joseph no longer works for Tether. Please open a ticket on our support system.

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It reports 100mb


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There are a number of reasons why Tether maybe running slow. The common reasons are you have a lot of background processes running on your phone which are consuming a lot of data or you have a lot of programs running on your computer trying to consume all of your bandwidth. Make sure you have bandwidth consuming applications turned off.

Another reason Tether could be running slow is because you applications running on the PC/MAC that is using the bandwidth. To verify this please to turn on Tether and see if the packets increase when not browsing the internet. If the packets increase inform the customer to turn off 3rd party applications that would be using the internet. Also, closing all other application on phone that may be using the bandwidth also helps.

Another major factor in the speed is your phone model and the type of connection you are receiving. If you are not on a 3G phone your speeds will be much slower. Also, your speeds may vary if you are in largely populated area since more people will share the data connection at a given time.

Could you let me know what phone model you currently have? What type of network connection you get? What speeds are you currently seeing? How is the signal strength?

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